Professional Makeup Masterclass

Tamara offers professional makeup artist masterclasses in either group or one-to-one sessions within London.

What Styles of Makeup & Techniques Will You Learn?

Eye Makeup

How to Create An Eye Makeup lOok

  • Create a cut crease or smokey eye
  • Eyeliner techniques
  • Applying eyelashes
  • How to prep the eyes
  • How to blend eye shadow
  • What brushes to use


  • Different face shapes
  • Shading and highlighting techniques
  • How to achieve a slimmer nose
  • How to define cheekbones
  • How to create a stronger jawline

Natural Day Makeup

  • How much makeup is suitable for the daytime
  • How to achieve a natural dewy look
  • Eyebrow grooming
  • Colour correction

Makeup Brushes

  • Types of brushes
  • Natural hair vs. synthetic brushes
  • How to use brushes
  • How to wash brushes
  • Where to buy brushes

Body Painting

  • How to use body paint
  • Different types of face and body paint techniques
  • Blending 2 colours together
  • Stencil work
  • Gem application
  • Using Glitters

Drag Makeup

  • Eyebrow blocking
  • Applying false eyelashes
  • Defining eyes and eyebrow shapes
  • Enlarging the lips
  • Learn how to use pigments and glitters

Halloween Makeup

  • Skeletons
  • Witches
  • Vampires
  • Day of the Dead
  • Film Classics and More

Special Effects

  • How to create bruises
  • How to create black eyes
  • Different types of scars
  • Creating wounds
  • Using fake blood

Suitable for Film and TV