Private Makeup Lessons in London

Tamara offers makeup lessons in London. These lessons are perfect for special occasions like birthdays, hen-nights, or office events.

They’re ideal for those looking for an opportunity to improve their makeup skills.

What Does The Lesson Involve?

Tamara will help you design a makeup look that’ll suit your skin tone and personal style.

In the lesson, you’ll learn professional makeup techniques, colour options, skincare, and product recommendations.

She will teach you professional techniques on how to achieve a professional makeup look. Tamara will also advise you on the best products and brushes, and what to invest in to achieve your perfect look. If you have your personal makeup kit with you, she can also recommend other products that’ll help you achieve a more stunning look.

During the lesson, Tamara will use face charts to demonstrate makeup placements, colours and products used to help you absorb as much as possible. Lastly, at the end of the lesson, you’ll be provided with a set of step-by-step makeup notes so you’ll always have something to refer to when you’re practicing your makeup.

If you’re interested, please contact me here. Group sessions or one-on-one sessions are available.